Extension Springs


While many applications require springs that dampen force and perform a pushing action, others require a spring to oppose extension by pulling themselves back together. Extension springs are essential in the construction of mechanisms included in everything from trampolines and exercise machines to garage doors. Our knowledgeable team at Victory Spring can help you find the right one for your application in the extensive stock we carry, or we can design and manufacture a custom solution that fits your needs perfectly. Whatever type of extension spring you need to make your product a success, Victory Spring can deliver a quick, efficient and high quality solution that lasts.


An extension spring is wound so that there is an initial tension in the coils that holds the coils tightly together. The extension spring will start to deflect only if it receives a load greater than the initial tension. The force of an extension spring is linear apart from the introductory section, where the initial tension has to be overcome.


Extension springs have hooks on their ends to mount them. At Victory Spring, we carry and manufacture a broad range of extension springs with various hook styles and configurations. In addition to supplying and manufacturing the springs, we can help you establish an inventory program to ensure you always have them on hand for your manufacturing requirements. Our on-site engineers can also provide design assistance to help you follow best practices when designing around and manufacturing with extension springs.

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