Compression Springs

Compression springs come in several options suitable for a variety of applications and can be used as pure energy accumulators, shock absorbers, vibration dampers or force generators. Selecting the right spring materials and dimensions is crucial for the success of your project and can help you get the longest service life possible. Our spring design guide explains all this in great detail or just call 780-442-4020 for immediate access to one of our in house engineers. They will be happy to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have


Our experienced team of in-house engineers at Victory Spring can help you find the exact compression springs for your needs and ensure you’re not overloading or overstressing them, which can lead to damage and added expenses that could have been avoided. We can also design custom solutions and inventory programs to keep you stocked.





The end coils of compression springs can be finished a few different ways to accommodate various applications: 


Closed & Ground Closed & Not Ground   Open




The helix can also be specified as right handed or left handed.



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